Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is new in the Learning Portal?

Experience a more personalized learning journey with Software AG’s enhanced Learning Portal. Here's what's new:

  • Tailored Log-in
  • Customized Home Page
  • Personalized Profile
  • Streamlined Course Catalog
  • News Banner!
  • What's on the horizon for Software AG Learners? Our Learner Experience Team is committed to continuous improvement driven by your feedback. Share your ideas and suggestions with us at and help shape the future of learning at Software AG.

    Why did Software AG make this upgrade?

    The main objective of enhancing the Learning Portal is to simplify your experience just as Software AG technologies look to simplify the connected world through digital transformation.

    We started this journey of improvement for our learners. We want to make sure you can comfortably complete your training and start gaining value from our products.

    Can this upgrade affect my training progress?

    While your Learning History has been relocated in your Profile, the new design does not have an impact on our learner's data. You can simply look in your dashboard for your active courses or visit your profile to resume your training.

    Now that the system is available, I am no longer able to log in. What should I do?

    The system may require some users to reset their passwords before regaining access. To do so please consider your login actions. If you normally access the Learning Portal by entering your credentials in the login page, you can click on the link “Forgot username or password?”. On the other hand, if you access the Learning Portal with Single Sign-on, you must reset your password through your active directory site (Empower or Partnerhub).

    Can I expect more changes in the Learning Portal?

    We’re not stopping here. This is the first of many platform enhancements to come. Don’t be surprised if you spot a few changes here or there. For any major improvements, we’ll make sure to add information here in the Frequently Asked Questions.

    I was recently unable to access my course due to system maintenance. Now that the system is available, can I resume the course where I left off?

    Yes, learners whose courses were interrupted because of the system maintenance can resume their course without re-registering or restarting.

    Why does Software AG offer FREE Training?

    The reason behind this decision is customer success. Software AG’s mission is to quickly onboard new customers and help existing customers fully leverage our technology. Consequently, Software AG began offering “Basic” courses under the Learner Journey (Evaluation stage) at no charge in 2020. Based on positive feedback from our users and Software AG’s commitment to helping our customers gain value as quickly as possible, since June 8, 2021, we decided to make all self-paced training available to the Community, Customers, Partners, etc. at NO CHARGE.

    The offer includes:

    Basic: Provide a basic understanding of product features and functionality.

    Essentials: Used to onboard new customers and Partners.

    Delta Training: Used to build awareness of new functionality and drive upgrade activity.

    Electives: Used to help users implement optional features within their environments.

    And there is much more to come.

    Why self-paced? Does it work?

    Self-paced training allows organizations to train more people without disrupting work schedules or coordinating classrooms, all while driving greater adoption rates even faster. While self-paced training doesn’t replace the real-time, human interaction of being in a classroom with an instructor and peers, the Pandemic has forced us all to find other ways to ensure employees can perform even under difficult circumstances. Not only has self-paced training proven to be an acceptable substitute, but also Learning Leaders in the industry are now touting an increase in knowledge retention rates from 10% (traditional instructor-led training) to 25-60% (self-paced training). Self-paced training is not only a growing trend but a new way of life for companies on a global basis.

    What comes with each self-paced course?

    Learners registered for a self-paced course have access to pre-recorded instructor presentations, pre-recorded product demonstrations, hands-on lab exercises, and solutions. For our cloud-based products, you can request access to a free tenant. For On-Premise-based products, an external lab environment using virtual machine technology is available for a purchase fee. Learners wishing to purchase this access will have 10 hours of lab time for a minimal fee. This option and instructions on how to purchase lab time will be available within the details of the on-prem, self-paced courses.

    How does Self-Paced compare with the Fee-based services available through the Software AG Professional Services team?

    The content is the same for both delivery modalities. The real difference is learning preference. For Learners who do not have the time to schedule a class or the budget, self-paced training options will support their learning needs equally. We also recognize that some learners prefer having a face-to-face experience with a Software AG Instructor. Therefore, Software AG will continue to offer Public, Private, and Customized fee-based services using our Professional Services organization.

    For more information regarding the PS-ES Educational offering, go to Expert Learning – Professional Services

    Are all courses now available in self-paced format?

    Most Software AG standard products are now available in a self-paced learning format. To determine if your class is available as a self-paced course, locate it in your Catalog, click on it and refer to the “Delivery Method” of the course description. Here you’ll find which options are available and the estimated duration.

    If you find the course you need is not available in a self-paced format, please reach out to Software AG’s Professional Services organization to discuss Instructor-led options by clicking on “Request Live Instructor Session” or visit Expert Learning – Professional Services.

    I can't access the course videos or the hands-on lab. What am I doing wrong?

    First, check you have enough bandwidth connectivity. If you are accessing the course via VPN, please check with your Network Administrator to ensure you can access these sites. For the course content to be available, you must have an account in the Learning Portal and be logged in.

    If you cannot access your training after complying with the previous instructions, you can try using a different browser, clearing the cache, or accessing from a private/incognito window.

    I can see an introductory video, but I do not have access to the full course content. Am I missing something?

    First, make sure you have set up a learner account. With an established account, you can register for courses and gain access to training content.

    If you have a confirmed account and have registered for the course you want to learn, be sure to accept Software AG's Education Terms and Conditions by selecting the checkbox found inside your course. It will unlock all associated assets and activities.

    Will I have access to the course materials for future reference?

    Yes, all students will receive access to a full set of digital course materials that are downloadable once your registration is confirmed.

    Can I share the course materials with others in my organization?

    The course materials are licensed for a named user/student. If others in your organization require the training, please provide them with a link to the Learning Portal to set up their account.

    Is the training available in my language?

    All our self-paced and e-learning training is available in English.

    How long does it take to complete an Essentials course?

    Essentials courses vary in duration and by the student. You can find an estimated course duration on the course description in the Learning Portal. Once your registration for the Self-Paced course version is confirmed, you will have access to the course that includes Basic, Core, and any optional Electives available.

    Is it necessary that I complete the Basic portion of the Essentials course?

    Yes, Essentials is comprised of three parts: Basic, Core, and Electives. Basic and Core are needed to prepare you for any given project and/or Certification. Electives are optional and can be taken during your Essentials access period or in the future.

    Once I’ve completed an Essentials course, what are the next steps?

    Students completing Essentials are now able to begin project work and/or Product Certification.

    I get an error message while trying to play the video. What should I do?

    Our training video content is hosted in Vimeo. When Vimeo runs short maintenance periods it can have momentary impact in our content. In this case please allow a couple minutes and then try accessing the course again. If you receive an error message about Vimeo being banned in your country, we recommend accessing our site through a VPN.

    How do I create a Learner Account?

    To set up an account, click on the “Log in” button in the main page of the Learning Portal. You will find tailored login paths:

    Create a new customer/Guest account

  • Click on "Sign up here"
  • Complete the required fields and submit.
  • You will receive an email to confirm your registration.
  • Using your new credentials, you can log into your account and start learning. If you do not receive your confirmation emails, please check your spam folder, or contact us at Customers with active Empower credentials, can simply access the Learning Portal via Single Sign On.

    Create a new partner account

    Software AG Partners must first register with Partner Hub here: Software AG Partner Program | Partner Application Software AG Partner Program | Partner Application

    With an active Partner Hub account you can use Single Sign On to access the Learning Portal.

    I have an established account, but I can’t log in. What can I do?

    Please make sure your account has been confirmed via email and there are no spelling errors in your username or password.

    If you are a partner with a Partnerhub account or customer with an Empower account. Please make sure you are accessing through the button “Use Single Sign-On (SSO) and using your active directory credentials (Partnerhub/Empower)”

    How can I reset my password?

    At the login page you can click on “Forgot username or password”. You will receive an email with further instructions to reset your password. In case you do not find the email, please check your spam folder.

    If you are a partner with a Partnerhub account or a customer with an Empower account, your password must be reset at these corresponding portals.

    How do I find and sign up for a self-paced course?

    Log in to the Learning Portal and go to the Catalog tab at the top menu bar to find the course of your interest.

    You can narrow down your search using the Product Categories at the top and the new dynamic filters on the left panel. Select your course to read a short description or click on MORE for a full description. If the course description confirms your interest, click on Sign-up at the bottom of the page.

    Assuming you have established a learner account and logged in, you should have immediate access to the course and its content. The Learning Portal will then track your learning history in one place; this feature allows you to go back and review it at any time.

    Where do I find my courses? Do I need to search in the Catalog every time?

    With all self-paced courses available for FREE, you can keep your skills up to date, you can stop and start the course as often as you like. After singing up, you will have direct access to your courses from your Learner Dashboard in the Home page under “My Active Courses”. If you would like to refer to courses you completed before, you can go your Profile & Learning History by clicking on your avatar/photo at the top right corner. Here you’ll have access to ALL your previous and on-going training.

    Can I use an owned environment to complete the labs?

    To make it easier for you and avoid any issues, we strongly recommend utilizing the FREE cloud-based lab environment and/or, the minimal fee-based, hosted, on-prem lab environment available to support course exercises. You can also follow the recorded exercises provided by the instructor throughout the course.

    In some cases, exercise files are included in the course content, making them available for download (Please refer to the course instructions). In these cases, you can download the content into your environment under your responsibility. Software AG does not own any liability or provide a warranty against issues caused by the installation of files or additional software, nor is Software AG available to support in the installation or troubleshooting of this effort.

    For more information regarding warranties and limited liability, please refer to Software AG Training Terms and Conditions.

    How do I access the hands-on labs for my course?

    During the course (self-paced or Instructor-led), your instructor will provide more information on the hands-on lab environment designed for your course.

    I receive an error message when I try to access the hands-on lab environment. What can I do?

    If you are receiving an error message while trying to log in, please make sure you read/listened the instructions provided in your training. Verify later if there are spelling errors or missing capitalizations. In case the problem persists, or the error appears after logging in, please contact us at

    Is it possible to extend access to the hands-on lab environment even though I've completed the course?

    If your course provides access to a free trial tenant, you will need to review the terms of your trial. If your hands-on lab environment is provided by our lab Partner, you can continue to purchase another session of 10 hours. All ReadyTech lab extensions must be purchased BEFORE the original lab time expires, otherwise, the system will wipe the lab clean. It is not possible to retrieve your work after this action has taken place.

    Where can I find the files required to complete the hands-on lab exercises?

    Learners wishing to further reinforce their learning through hands-on labs have two options, you may view pre-recorded hands-on lab performed by an instructor or elect to perform the hands-on lab themselves using a self-contained lab environment. Depending on the course, Software AG offers access to pre-configured hands-on lab environments either for free on cloud or for a minimal fee, through a ReadyTech VM.

    For cloud environments, the required files are provided with the hands-on lab instructions in the Core Overview unit of your course. ReadyTech Virtual Machines contain all the required files to complete the exercises and will not be available for download to use on your own environment.

    What are the available product certification exams?

    Software AG’s certification program now offers three levels of Certification:

    Associate: The Associate Level Certification is achieved by completing a Basic level course and the associated quiz. Learners who earn a passing score on it will be eligible for a Digital Badge.

    Professional: The Professional Level Certification is a more traditional approach to becoming certified. Learners wishing to sit a Professional Level certification can register for an exam session with ProctorU based on their schedule. Although we offer and recommend prior training, it is not a requirement for Professional Level Certifications. These are a fee-based proctored exams. Learners achieving 66% or higher on the Professional Certification are eligible to receive a Digital Badge.

    Expert: Software AG now offers Expert Level Certifications. Learners who already earned the Product Professional Level certification and complete the required elective modules are eligible to take the expert level test and receive an Expert Level Digital Badge.

    For a list of available Software AG certification options, go to your Catalog tab and select the Product Certification category. You can then narrow your search using the filters on the left panel.

    How much does the Associate Level Certification cost?

    All Associate level Certification exams are FREE. The exams are not proctored and can be found within any Basic level course.

    How much does the Professional Level Certification cost?

    Professional Level Certification exams scheduled with ProctorU are $180 USD.

    How much does the Expert Level Certification cost?

    Expert Level certification exams are free of charge. However, keep in mind that you are only eligible to take an Expert Level certification after earning your Professional Level badge.

    What is the format of the Professional Level Certification exam?

    All exams are multiple-choice and vary in length and duration. For exam details, please refer to the exam guide located in the certification description of the course.

    You can also find information about the proctored test experience at ProctorU Resource Center.

    Can Exam Sessions be paid through an invoice?

    All payments are handled through Software AG's Proctoring Partner, ProctorU. ProctorU is only able to accept credit card payments for certification exams. The payment is done when scheduling your exam session.

    What should I do to prepare for an upcoming Professional Certification?

    We strongly recommend completing the recommended training found in the Exam Guide or certification description. This provides you a better understanding of the topics covered in the exam. Read the Exam Guide included in the certification course and visit the ProctorU Resource Center for more information about the test experience.

    How much time is allowed for my exam?

    Software AG Professional Level certifications are closed book and timed. For a complete description of the exam, the time allowed, and the passing score required to gain a Certification and a Digital Badge, please refer to the certification description available within each certification course.

    How do I register for a Professional Level Certification Exam?

    1. You can choose your professional certification from our Catalog.

    2. Proceed to review the exam details, and at the bottom of the screen, click on Sign-up to register.

    3. Click on Book Your Exam Session.

    4. You will be prompted to the ProctorU site by accepting an invitation to the exam. If you do not own an account in ProctorU you will have to create one and agree to the terms and conditions of their service.

    5. Select the most convenient date and time for you and click on Submit.

    6. ProctorU will display the sessions that better match your schedule. Click on the Select and Schedule buttons.

    7. Review the scheduling details and click on Proceed to cart.

    8. Lastly, proceed to payment to confirm your session. The fee is 180 USD per exam attempt.

    Who is ProctorU?

    ProctorU is Software AG's Proctoring Partner. ProctorU has proctors located around the world so you can schedule your exam session based on your availability.

    Are exams only offered online or can I go to a Software AG testing center?

    Software AG has partnered with ProctorU to offer online exam sessions. ProctorU has proctors around the world providing schedule flexibility. Should you have questions or need special accommodations, please contact us at

    Can we provide our own Proctors?

    To avoid any bias and to ensure exams are administered properly, Software AG's Certification Program does not permit the use of any non-authorized Proctor. Proctoring service is available through ProctorU.

    Are there any technical set up requirements for my online exam session?

    Yes, as you register for your exam session with ProctorU, they will provide you with set up instructions with the ability to test your environment to ensure you are prepared. Keep in mind that you will need to install the Guardian Browser in your machine. Your setup and testing should be completed within 24 business hours before the exam date/time, and from the location where the exam will take place.

    We highly recommend reading ProctorU articles on Set Up Requirements and Exam Expectations:

    Exam Day (What to expect) (Guardian) – ProctorU

    How to get started with your Testing Session (Guardian) – ProctorU

    How do I test my Equipment? (Guardian) – ProctorU

    What am I allowed and not allowed to do during my exam? – ProctorU.

    What do I need to have for my exam? – ProctorU.

    Once I register for a Professional Level Certification, what can I expect?

    Once your payment is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation from both the Learning Portal, confirming the exam selected, and from ProctorU, confirming the date/time of your exam session. Upon registration, you can download the Guardian browser from your ProctorU account.

    You can find more information at the ProctorU Resource Center.

    What should I expect during the exam?

    • It is a timed exam. You should arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled exam for check-in.

    • You must have the Guardian browser downloaded on your machine in order to take the exam.

    • Your Proctor will provide you with the password to start your exam prior to your scheduled session.

    • The Proctor does not know the Exam content and is unable to answer any test-related questions. Their job is just to ensure that the Exam is being administered according to the Software AG Certification Policy.

    • All Software AG Professional level Certifications are closed book. Therefore, no materials (including screenshots), mobile phones, tablets, software, or applications outside of what is required for the exam may be present in the exam environment.

    • The Proctor cannot stop, restart, or extend the exam session time. Once the exam access period has expired or the exam has been submitted (whichever comes first), the exam will automatically shut down and access will be closed.

    • The system will grade your exam and provide you with the score.

    What time should I plan to arrive for my confirmed exam session?

    Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Upon arrival, you will be introduced to your Proctor, asked to see your ID, and complete the check-in process. This step is critical to ensure you are fully prepared. It takes 15 minutes approximately and should not impact the time reserved for the test. Proctors cannot extend or restart the exam clock. Therefore, anyone arriving late will lose exam time while the check-in process occurs. Anyone arriving 15 minutes AFTER the confirmed exam start time will be considered a no-show and lose any fees paid in advance.

    What should I bring with me to my exam?

    Candidates confirmed for a Professional level exam should bring a computer, have access to high-speed internet that has met the requirements recommended by ProctorU (hard wired is recommended), have your camera turned on, and a valid government-issued, picture ID. Your Proctor will ask for this at the beginning of your exam session and walk you through the check-in process.

    Are breaks permitted once the exam starts?

    No, please ensure you have eaten and had a bio break before the start of the exam session. Once the session begins, breaks are not permitted.

    What happens if I lose contact with my Proctor during the exam? What should I do?

    Candidates are not permitted to move forward with an exam even if they have access, outside the presence of a Software AG-approved Proctor. If you lose contact with your Proctor, please contact the Proctor using the contact details provided at the beginning of the session. If you are unable to regain contact within 5 minutes, you will need to reschedule your exam.

    You can find more information in the ProctorU Resource Center.

    What happens if I run out of time and do not finish the exam?

    Once the exam duration completes, the system will submit your exam as it is. Assuming you have met the passing score required for Certification, no additional testing is required. If you have not received a passing score, you may elect to register for a retry once the 30-day waiting period is over. To schedule a retry, follow the instructions for registering for an exam.

    What happens if I have technical difficulties during the exam session and am unable to complete the exam?

    Software AG and ProctorU strongly recommend reviewing the setup and testing procedures found at How do I test my equipment? – ProctorU.

    If your machine and/or location do not meet the recommendations, you must find an alternative machine/location suitable for your exam session. If you have completed the testing and have unexpected problems, your Proctor will try to assist you in resolving them. To avoid any time issues with the exam, the Proctor will try to resolve the issue within 5 minutes. If there was no success, you will be asked to reschedule the exam. Rescheduled exam sessions have no charge, assuming you have completed all the necessary pre-testing in advance as requested.

    What is considered an exam violation and what happens if I violate Software AG's Certification Policy?

    Software AG's Certification Policy is provided within the terms and conditions agreed by each Learner as they register for your exam. Software AG offers two exam types: Associate (un-proctored) and Professional (proctored). All Professional level exams are considered closed book. This means no materials (including screenshots), mobile phones, tablets, software, or applications outside of what is required for the exam may be present in the exam environment. Any violation of Software AG's Certification Policy could result in a loss of exam fees in addition to being unable to sit the exam for 12 months or longer. This policy ensures any Certified Practitioner has met the required knowledge qualifications to earn the Certification.

    You can find more information about exam policy violations here: What am I allowed and not allowed to do during my exam? – ProctorU.

    What is Software AG's no-show policy?

    Any Candidate confirmed for an exam session who does not show up at their confirmed date/time OR arrives 15 minutes after their scheduled time, will forfeit any fees paid in advance. Anyone needing to cancel a confirmed exam session should do so at least 24 hours in advance.

    I scheduled an exam session, but I have an emergency and need to reschedule. Can I cancel?

    Please refer to the information provided by ProctorU for more details on how to cancel an exam: How do I cancel my exam? – ProctorU

    Keep in mind that cancellations must be done at least 24 hours prior the exam.

    I need to reschedule an exam. How do I do this?

    Please refer to the information provided by ProctorU for more details on how to reschedule an exam: How do I reschedule my exam? – ProctorU

    When will I be notified of the exam results?

    The results of your exam will appear on your screen as soon as the exam has been submitted or the time has expired. After this, you can request your score at

    What happens if I don’t pass the Certification exam? Can I retake it?

    Yes, if you do not achieve a passing score on a Professional Certification exam, you may retest in 30 days. However, we do recommend reviewing the Essentials course before your rescheduled session.

    Please note that the 30-day waiting period cannot be shortened under any circumstances.

    Are the exam questions posted somewhere that I can review in advance?

    No, Software AG Professional level Certification is a closed book, Professional Level exam that seeks to validate your skills and product knowledge. The questions are not available in advance nor can questions or information regarding a past exam session be discussed with other candidates. To ensure you are fully prepared, please complete the recommended training for your exam, found in the exam guide. For more information, please review the Software AG Certification Policy.

    What if I have a question about one of the exam questions or I would like to discuss a question, who do I contact?

    The questions are not available for review before or after an exam session. Nonetheless, if you have questions or would like to provide feedback on the exam, please complete the evaluation that follows the exam session OR contact us at

    What if I took a Software Certification with another employer or through another company?

    Software AG cannot validate skills, or the assessment of skills validated out of the Software AG Certification Program. The Software AG Professional Certification is made available exclusively through Software AG.

    How does Product Certification work for Partners?

    Product Certification is FREE for all Partners. To redeem your FREE exam, you must register for the Certification Exam through the Learning Portal, logging in via Single Sign On (SSO) and using your Partnerhub/Empower credentials. ProctorU will be automatically aware of your Partner status and ensure that you can proceed with a $0 checkout.

    I am being asked to pay for my exam session despite I'm a Software AG partner. What can I do?

    Make sure you have an active Partner Hub account and have logged in to the Learning Portal as a partner via Single Sign On. If you are a partner and do not have a Partner Hub account yet, you must first register HERE "" You can then proceed to book your exam session with ProctoU again. Make sure to access to ProctorU from the Learning Portal by clicking on the button “Book your exam session” located within the certification course. This will ensure you are recognized as a partner and remove the fee associated with your test.

    What is the Guardian Browser and what implications does it have for test takers?

    Guardian is a secure internet browser that connects Certification test-takers to ProctorU proctoring sessions across all service lines – Live+, Review+, and Record+. Guardian works alongside the ProctorU Platform to provide enhanced security, streamline the remote testing experience, and make proctoring sessions more equitable for all test-takers. Here’s a link for more information: The Guardian Secure Proctoring Browser Academic Admissions and Language Testing Market | Meazure Learning.

    Test takers will need to install the browser in the machine they plan to use for their exam session. We highly recommend preparing your equipment within 24 business hours before the exam date/time, and from the location where the exam will take place.

    How to Download Guardian

    You can download the browser directly from the ProctorU site, preferably 24 hours before your exam session. You will be presented with options to download a version specific to your operating system.

    Check the following ProctorU articles to download for instructions:

    How to Download the Guardian Browser from your Test Taker Account – ProctorU

    How to Download Guardian – ProctorU

    How to download the Proctor Chat Application in Guardian – ProctorU

    If I plan to take my exam through a company private network, should I expect problems while downloading the Guardian Browser?

    The Guardian Browser has been developed for a quick, friendly, and secure installation. Should you face any problems with your private network, we suggest informing your IT Security team to whitelist the Guardian Browser or take your certification exam with a personal machine through a different network.

    Do I need to download the Guardian browser every time I wish to take a certification exam with ProctorU?

    No, once you have installed the browser in your machine you can use it as many times as you wish to complete your certification exams with ProctorU.

    The browser runs constant updates to maintain the highest level of security. In case the browser has been updated since the last time you used it; you will be asked to update it on your end too before taking a new exam. The browser will guide you through the process and it should be ready to work in a couple minutes.

    Are courses offered by a Live Instructor?

    Yes, if you prefer a LIVE Instructor, Software AG's Professional Services team can assist you with this request. They offer both Public (shared classroom), and Private sessions.

    You can find upcoming Public Events in your dashboard, but if you are interested in a specific course, look for it in our Catalog and click on it to see if there is an event that suits your schedule. When there isn’t, you can contact Software AG’s Professional Services here to discuss your training options.

    I am interested in a Public Event; how do I sign up?

    To request more details about the event and sign up, click on the “Go to Event” button. This will show the event details where you can “Submit a Request” to sign up. Your booking request will be sent. A coordinator will reach out to you with more details such as costs.

    Please note that this is not a booking confirmation. You will be informed when the event has been confirmed so you can proceed with any necessary arrangements.

    There are no Public Events available for the course I need; can I request an event?

    Yes, when there are no upcoming events for a course you can click on “Request LIVE Instructor” in the enrollment section to contact Software AG’s Professional Services team.

    When there are no events in the course, you can contact our Professional Services team here. They will gladly contact you and take care of your request.

    I would like to have a private training session, is that possible?

    It is! The Professional Services team can arrange a private event for you or your company. You can simply click on “Request LIVE Instructor” in the enrolment section of your course and they will contact you to address your training needs.

    How much is a public or a private course if I prefer a LIVE Instructor?

    Pricing for LIVE Instructor-led training is based on regional daily rates. We will be happy to share this information with you. Click on the button “Request LIVE Instructor” in the enrolment options of your course and someone from our Professional Services team will reach out to you to provide more details. You can also contact them directly or find more details here.

    What is a Digital Badge?

    A digital badge is defined as an online validation of an achievement/skillset. Digital badging entails the use of blockchain technology, the same rapidly evolving technology upon which Bitcoin is based. This technology enables the digital maintenance and storage of achievement data as a badge. It is essentially a tamper-proof public digital ledger used to record and display information about your skills/credentials.

    This should NOT be confused with a certification exam, which is a testing or assessment tool. A Badge is an award for achieving success.

    Who is Credly?

    Credly is the end-to-end solution for issuing and managing digital credentials. Credly works with organizations like Software AG to provide digital credentials to Prospects, Customers, Partners, and Employees, worldwide through their platform. Here you can link your badges to your favorite social media platform, email, website, or CV/Resume. With a user account, you also search for available badging opportunities and create a personal brand based on skills and expertise.

    Who is eligible to earn a Digital Badge?

    Internal or external learners who complete the eligibility criteria are eligible to earn a Badge.

    While there are no restrictions from Software AG to obtain your digital badge, Credly complies with trade sanction regulations that could disable the platform in your region. Click here to learn more about the Credly regional sanctions.

    How do I start earning badges?

    To earn Associate Level badges, complete courses from the Digital Basic Training of our products. Completing any Basic-level courses with a passing score of 100% on the accompanying quiz will automatically allow you to earn a Digital Badge.

    To earn Professional Level badges, you will need to take specific Professional Level certifications. While it is not mandatory, we highly recommend you complete the recommended training BEFORE attempting Certification.

    This proctored, fee-based exam requires candidates to earn 66% or higher to be eligible for a Digital Badge.

    For more information, you can visit Credly Software AG Badges

    How quickly will I receive my Digital Badge after completing the requirements?

    Once you complete the Digital Badge requirements, you will receive an automated message letting you know you have met the requirements as stated. You can then gain access to a Digital version of the badge through after creating an account and accepting their terms and conditions. By agreeing to terms, Software AG will share with Credly your exam details. will require you to establish an account to keep track of all your digital badges including those earned through Software AG. When establishing an account, you can determine who sees what. You are in complete control of how public or private your credentials are through your account settings.

    Which products provide Digital Badging?

    Here is a list of all the Digital Badges available today: Credly Software AG Badges

    If I have been certified in the past, am I able to receive a Digital Badge?

    Digital Badges are only available with the new Associate and Professional Level Certifications. Any certification earned in the past is still valid but may not be eligible to earn a Badge. To determine if your certification is eligible for a digital badge, click here: Credly Software AG Badges

    Where can I display my Digital Badge?

    Badge earners can display their digital badges on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, via email signature, embedded in a website, or on a CV/Resume.

    What if I do not want my Digital Badge to be public?

    All personal details in your Credly/Acclaim profile can be kept private including your credentials/badge(s) and your Credly profile. You can configure your account however you prefer.

    In addition, you can choose NOT to accept a Digital Badge. In this case, please contact us at Learning.Portal@softwareag.

    Does the Badge replace Certification?

    Certification is an assessment of your knowledge and/or skillset whereas a Badge is earned when you achieve Certification. Therefore, a Badge could never replace Certification but hopefully, it will help to establish and further build your brand by acknowledging your achievements.

    What's the difference between a Certification and a Badge?

    Certification is a testing session by which skills are assessed and validated. Certification testing at Software AG now comes in two levels (Associate and Professional). Associate Certification requires completion of a Basic-level course and completion of the associated quiz but does not require proctoring.

    Professional Certification is a more traditional level of testing of knowledge. While training is not required before sitting the Professional Certification, it is highly recommended. All Professional Level Certifications are fee-based proctored exams and must be scheduled in advance.

    For a list of Professional Level Certification options, you can filter your Catalog by Badge Course Level

    For Partners, you need to log in using your Empower Credentials and go to the same link above to see all the available schedules for partners.

    You can now book your session through ProctorU according to your schedule.

    A badge, on the other hand, is an award that demonstrates your skills. It can be presented on social media, email signatures, or on your CV/Resume. Digital Badges are secure and verified through a 3rd party provider (

    Can I have a PDF version of my digital badge?

    You can now download a PDF version of your badge in Credly. Please note that it will only be accessible once you have created your account in Credly and claimed your digital badge.

    There are different ways to share your achievement. Here are the steps:

    1. Once you log in into your Credly account, click on "Dashboard". In your dashboard are all the badges you have claimed.

    2. Click on the desired badge.

    3. Click on the Share button. You can promote your badge in social media (LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook), click on "Email" if you want to send a verifiable link or click on "Download Certificate" to have a PDF copy of your badge.

    Will I have to repeat all my training to be eligible for a new Digital Badge?

    The new Digital Badges and the new Associate and Professional level Certifications became available on June 8, 2021. Previous certification credentials are still valid including printout certificates. However, Digital Badges are only available with the new program.

    Can I earn more than one Badge?

    An individual badge can only be earned once. However, there are no limitations with regards to the number of unique badges an earner can achieve as long as the required eligibility is met.

    How can I keep my Digital Badge safe from someone wanting to use my credentials?

    While badges are digital image files, the images are linked only to data hosted on the Credly/Acclaim platform. The link to the verified data helps to keep your credentials reliable and more secure than traditional paper-based credentials. Through your Credly/Acclaim account, this unique link only provides access to your profile and your achievements.

    If I have digital badges or other credentials on Credly from programs outside of Software AG? Will all my badges be available in the same account?

    Yes, you can access all badges or digital credentials within a single account .

    If I have an existing Credly/Acclaim account but it is a different email address from the one I have registered with Software AG, can I still claim my Digital Badge?

    Yes, you can easily add other email addresses to your Credly/Acclaim profile. This will ensure that all your Digital Badges will be assigned to your profile, no matter which email address you are using.

    You can do this by logging into your Credly account. Click on the Profile Icon and select Settings, then Account tab - where you will see the Add Email Address box.

    Who can I contact if I have problems or need support with my Digital Badge?

    For all issues questions associated with earning your badge, please contact:

    I am receiving the message "Credly error" when I try to claim my badge. What's wrong?

    Digital Badges can only be claimed once and they will remain valid across new versions of the associated course.

    Please access your Credly account and check your dashboard to confirm if you own the badge already. If this is not the case, please contact us at

    What happens if I could not find the answer to my questions in the FAQ's?

    Software AG’s Product Enablement has established a global email address for all learner questions:

    You should receive a first response within the next 2 business days.